• $450.00

Reminiscent of billowy clouds and melodic winds of the Cylades, our durable outdoor rugs are handwoven with PET fiber derived from plastic bottle caps.

Tidal is made from finely spun PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) that’s been tightly woven on a panja loom using 30% more fiber than typical flatweaves, making it much more durable and comfortable than most —bring a modern piece of India's vibrant handloom tradition into your space.

Each rug takes a single artisan between four weeks and two months to finish.


  • 100% PET, hand-dyed in Jaipur
  • Hand-woven in Rajasthan on panja looms
  • ¼” thick with a lighter weight and hand-bound edges
  • Vacuum and spot-clean as needed with cold water, a mild dish or hand soap, and a soft brush. 

 All outdoor rugs are Made to Order and will take approximately 12 weeks to weave and ship.

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