Our Founders Story

The impetus behind Tantuvi began as a desire to support and work directly with cottage industry artists/makers, and to connect with my Indian ancestry in the process. In 2010 during my initial eight month journey we traveled from the Southern most point, Kanyakumari, to the Himalyas in the North and so much in between. We visited potters, wood workers, marble cutters, silk sari weavers, and rug producers. It was such an educational life changing trip one I am forever grateful to have been able to experience. It took a couple years and a few more trips to India to get things going, although we can not be there this year we are continuing to learn. Through Tantuvi I am able to bring pieces of this journey to you and your space. I am so happy I took that leap, I hope to be able to share more here about that initial journey and current ones as we continue to grow.